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The Future of International Tax Disputes MAP, ArBitration and Beyond

22.10.2018 / 08:00 bis 18:30 / Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), Aula - University of Lausanne / Lausanne

The Tax Policy Center of the University of Lausanne, in cooperation with the London School of Economics (Department of Law) and the Institute for Tax Law of KU Leuven are pleased to invite you to the Symposium of International Tax Law to be held at the University of Lausanne (IDHEAP) on 22 October 2018 on the “Future of International Tax Disputes. MAP, Arbitration and Beyond”.

It is well known that the post BEPS era wishes to achieve a shift to fscal multilateralism with a view to eliminate crossborder tax avoidance. At the same time, the OECD/G20 and UN tax policy agenda has recognized that an international tax system supporting economic growth requires effective dispute resolution mechanisms. The topic is becoming highly relevant for States and taxpayers as, despite the increased intended tax cooperation, unilateral and uncoordinated fscal policies continue to emerge.

Veranstalter Université de Lausanne - Centre de Politique Fiscale, London School of Economics - Faculté de Droit, KU Leuven - Institute for Tax Law
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